Direction, Production & Editing

'The Blunt Truth' is a web series and film project that was started many years ago. The film project was something that I wrote the script for and in the past 3 years have created a website, social media and web series for the project.

Graphic Design

While currently working for this company I have created numerous vector graphics, designed their training manuals and production line, created animated videos for their customers and have designed a catalog for prospective customers.

Logo and cover design

For the past few years, I have designed for numerous self-published authors, designing their logos and their covers.

On-Air Graphics

While working for television stations I did on-air graphics, created maps, over the shoulder and numerous banners for the evening news.

Video Editing, News Investigation

During my internship at the DC Bureau, headquarted at the National Press Building- we did a documentary series on the many ways the Pentagon spends their money.